The Course

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The Teaching

JAn - march. 3 - months photography course

The teaching in BokehTree will be fun filled yet professional. We at BokehTree believe, unless you indulge in practical photography there will not be any learning. Therefore our teaching and evaluation is based mainly on assignment basis.

We will have close assessments with students and the 3 month’s course will be packed with different topics of photography.

  • Basics of photography

  • Light - Natural, Sourced

  • Documentation of a project

  • Use of Flash(Outdoor/Indoor)

  • Indoor Studio photography

For Indoor studio photography students will learn to face real time assignments from advertising agencies. Students will learn techniques on the job to do proper shoots, light-up with flash through the course duration. 

The Studio


The BokehTree Studio is a state of the art photography studio set in the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum. The Studio has a total of 4000sq ft with around 2000 sq.ft of shooting area and is equipped with the latest photography equipment, lighting accessories and facilities. The Studio is an edifice that invokes calm and joy in an abundant space. Since its inception, the BokehTree Studio has been privileged to handle some high profile work given its young age and is garnering a name for quality amongst artists who endure to capture themselves or their subjects in the most optimal conditions.

The Equipments

The BokehTree Studio is equipped with the latest photography instruments, lighting accessories and facilities. From brands ranging from Elinchrome Lighting system to Broncolor and 35mm camera to large format camera. The students will be taught to operate all equipment. Special seminars by guest professionals, Film Photography, its processing, the Large format camera and its uses.

Course Fee

3-months Professional Photography course

  • Academic Fee: ₹ 1,00,000/-

  • Plus, GST applicable.

The fees include :

  • Tea/coffee ad snacks on days when you are required to be in college.

  • Field trips

Additional expenses :

  • Equipment list as specified by BokehTree will be given along with the offer of admission letter.

  • Personal equipment maintenance / repairs.

  • Personal expenses on accommodation, food and personal travel, etc.

  • Expenses involved while working on projects.

How to get in.

Register with us by telling about yourself, we will get back to you with a suitable date and time for a one on one interview at Bokehtree.


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